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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Toyota win Pikes Peak EV class finishing 6th overall

Japanese Rally driver Fumio Nutahara has won the Pikes Peak Electric Division behind the wheel of a Toyota Motorsport Gmbh TMG P002, taking the 12.42 mile course to the summit of the mountain in a time of 10:15.380. Another Japanese rally driver, Hiroshi Masuoka, was second in his Mitsubishi i-MiEV Evolution, with a time of 10:30.850. Defending champion Ikuo Hanawa of Japan finished fifth. These times beat the previous EV record of 12:20:084 set in 2011 by AC Propulsion.

Japan’s Nobuhiro Tajima, running in the Electric Auto Division after six straight Unlimited titles, was forced out of the running by a fire in the cockpit of his electric entry as he began the first leg. Tajima was unhurt, and the vehicle was towed off the course.

  • 1st.: #230 Fumio Nutahara Japan Toyota Motorsport (race car). 10:15.380 OVERALL: 6th!
  • 2nd: #32 Hiroshi Masuoka Iruma Japan Mitsubishi Motors (race car).10:30.850 OVERALL: 8th!
  • 3rd: #311 Elias Anderson Austin TX HCE (race car).11:00.8 57 OVERALL: 13th!
  • 4th.: #13 Michael Bream Carlsbad CA BMW (sedan car).11:58.929
  • 5th: #16 Ikuo Hanawa Ibaraki Japan Summit (race car).11:58.974
  • 6th: #34 Beccy Gordon Dana Point CA Mitsubishi Motors (sedan car).15:10.557
  • na: #1 Nobuhiro Tajima Tokyo Japan. Did not finish [UPDATE]

    Results: PPIHC

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