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Friday, December 7, 2012

60 kWh Tesla Model S Gets 208 Mile (333 km) EPA Rating

The Environmental Protection Agency has released its efficiency and range ratings for the mid-level Tesla Model S, which uses a 60-kWh battery pack.

The all-electric sedan will carry a 208-mile (333 km) total driving range rating. Economy is rated at 95 MPGe combined, close to the 99 MPGe achieved by the significantly smaller and lighter Nissan Leaf. (The Wheel Motor powered SIM-LEI achieves the same range with a 24.5 kWh battery)

Those figures compare with 265-mile (425 km) range and 89 MPGe ratings for the top-spec 85-kWh Model S, which hit the market back in June.

The 60-kWh version is expected to launch in late January, while the entry-level 40-kWh variant will arrive in March. The latter has yet to receive ratings from the EPA, though Tesla estimates its range at 160 miles (265 km).

Source: EPA

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