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Friday, June 28, 2013

Mitsubishi Top Time Sheets in Pikes Peak Qualifying [VIDEO]

Mitsubishi's 500 hp AWD MiEV Evolution II's have taken the two fastest times in the Electric Class on Day 2 Practice/Qualifying on the bottom section of the Pikes Peak course. Driven by two-time Dakar rally winner Hiroshi Masuoka and Pikes Peak motorbike specialist Greg Tracy, the team say their firm intention is to break Toyota’s EV course record of set in 2012.

The TMG EV P002 electric race car posted the fourth-best qualifying time behind ‘MONSTER’ Tajima.

Rod Millen, driving the TMG-developed car, posted a time of just over four minutes (4:04.331) on the lower portion of the 156-turn course, more than 25 seconds faster than last year’s qualifying effort.

The TMG EV P002, which set the Electric Class record in 2012 with driver Fumio Nutahara (10:15.380), features an ugraded electric powertrain while aerodynamic improvements have been made by Toyota Racing Development USA.

  • 1st, GREG TRACY, MIEV Evolution II, 3:56.287
  • 2nd, HIROSHI MASUOKA, MIEV Evolution II, 3:57.777
  • 3rd, NUBOHIRO TAJIMA, Pikes Peak Special, 3:58.189
  • 4th, ROD MILLEN, Toyota TMG EV P002, 4:04.331
  • 5th, JANIS HORELIKS, PP01, 4:19.488
  • 6th, IKUO HANAWA, HER-02, 4:46.789
  • 7th, ROY RICHARDS, Fit-EV, 5:29.430

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