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Monday, June 24, 2013

Rugby player squeezes into a Mitsubishi iMiEV to promote EVs

Australian Brumbies rugby union club player, Scott Fardy will lead a charge with a difference this month as he takes to the streets of Canberra in a 100% electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

It’s all thanks to Rock Development Group and the ACT Electric Vehicle Council (the Council) to help support and promote electric vehicles as a viable transport alternative for the ACT.

Scott Fardy said “When I travelled to Japan in 2009 I couldn’t believe how many electric vehicles were on the road. I’m so excited that I get to cruise the streets of my home town in one for a month.”

Scott will share his electric vehicle experience via the social media platform Twitter using the handle @scottfardy and hashtag #EVsrock. “I thought this would be a really fun and interactive way to share my adventures with everyone and I really hope to hear from lots of other Twitter users who see me cruising around town.”

The Council approached Scott because he has a demonstrated commitment to promoting community-orientated charitable and environmental causes, and educating youth about the benefits of team sport in Canberra and the surrounding regions.

“To me, electric vehicles are a no brainer.” Scott added. “I know that at times I cringe at petrol prices. An electric car sure has less of an impact on your wallet. I couldn’t believe it when the Council told me I could charge it up overnight for less than the price of a pie at a Brumbies game!”

The ACT has the cheapest electricity in the country whereas the price of petrol is 10c/L higher than the national average at $1.47 a litre. This is an indicator that Canberra has good reason to consider an electric vehicle when making a new car purchase.

Other benefits of owning a 100% electric vehicle in the ACT are that under the Green Vehicle Scheme no duty is payable at registration time. not to mention that going electric helps reduce vehicle pollution and decrease carbon emissions.

Follow Scott’s electric vehicle adventures on Twitter: @scottfardy and #EVsrock

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