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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tesla Model S uses only 500 watt hours to run a 12 second 1/4 Mile

Drag Times have dyno tested a Tesla Model S Performance to simulate a 12 second 1/4 Mile drag race to answer the question, how many runs will it do on one charge.

The modus operandi is as follows.

  • Set the regenerative braking to full.
  • Turn off traction control.
  • Floor the throttle.
  • Run the quarter mile and max out at 114 MPH in the quarter,
  • let off the throttle immediately past finish line.
  • Let braking regenerate on the rundown.

    Going down the strip, it uses 1.1 kWh of power. Regen recoups 0.6 kWh of power, making your power spend 0.5 kWh.

    The Model S Performance has an 85 kWh battery, which theoretically means it could make 170 runs before needing a charge. Of course that doesn't account for a 20% discharge capacity buffer or increasing voltage sag as the level of charge decreases. Drag Times says that at current energy costs in Florida, each run would cost just $0.06.

    Coincidentally, that is the exact same amount of energy used by the former world's fastest EV drag bike, Killacycle which runs 7.82 @ 168 MPH. The A123 battery powered bike runs 500 hp worth of brushed DC motors and doesn't have brake regen.

    Source: Drag Times

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